Understand smart manufacturing and gain insight into industry trends

In-depth understanding of AI artificial intelligence to create a smart mechanical cloud


Industry 4.0 is not just a slogan. The whole world, from the government to various manufacturing industry chains, has all begun to invest in relevant resources. It is hoped that the power of science and technology will be used to create new value for production, and it is expected to bring a new wave of growth momentum to the industry. Since the transformation of intelligent manufacturing, Hon Hai Technology Group has realized that its development has its limitations. Therefore, it has accumulated 45 years of manufacturing experience and industrial big data to become an industrial Internet platform. Apart from facilitating the internal integration and sharing of Hon Hai Group, it is more eye-catching. Empowering to help manufacturing partners enhance their value and form a co-prosperity manufacturing ecosystem. Therefore, we will hold a seminar on the theme of “Industrial Big Data Intelligence Machinery Cloud”, and invite industry leaders to participate and discuss together to discuss how to It can create the next wave of growth for Taiwan’s machinery and equipment industry.


The seminar was jointly organized by Taiwan Machinery Industry Association, Hon Hai Technology Group Asia Pacific Telecom Co., Ltd. and Fuhong Net Co., Ltd., scheduled for August 16 and 23, 2019 in Taichung and Taipei respectively. Mr. Huang Nanren, the manager of the industry, started the theme of “Industrial Internet Layout Development” and invited the important members of the Hon Hai Group, such as the Fii Data Energizing Division, Hon Hai Industrial Big Data Office and Fuhong.com, to present their own practical experience in CNC, cutting tools, molds, Sharing production processes such as stamping and forming, and then empowering the industry to help manufacturing partners enhance their value and form a co-prosperity manufacturing ecosystem. Welcome online free registration: http://bit.ly/31gCu5P


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